Route Surveys

Nation Assist are industry specialists on route and site surveying for the movement and access of Abnormal loads. All abnormal load routes and access to sites need to be analysed and cleared by authorities before movement. Nation Assist’s specialist projects team propose the most suitable route for transport and our on the ground team will survey the full route and site to ensure a successful delivery. The project team will then apply and secure the required approval from the correct authorities for transport and ensure all documentation is in place for the haulier and contractor.

Pilot Service

For loads with dimensions over 18.65 meters in length, 3.5 meters in width and/or gross weight over 100,000kg, an escort vehicle must by law be in attendance during your vehicles travel to warn other road users and to martial traffic where necessary. Nation Assist operates a fleet of vans and drivers who are fully trained on industry practises and qualified steersmen who have an understanding on operating hydraulic steering trailers to manoeuvre loads into the tightest of spots. All our escort vehicles are equipped with CB and 2 way radios, safety equipment, beacons, marker boards and dash cameras for complete safety.

Project Management

Nation Assist operation team can help you manage your specialist projects from start to finish. From load scheduling, haulage allocation, route and site surveying, SWOT Analysis and implementing on site co-ordinators to ensure your project runs smooth and to plan. Our operations team are made up of experienced professionals who are experts in the specialist haulage industry with experience working with mobile cranes, heavy haulage, and specialist transport.

Documents & Permits

For all abnormal loads, a movement order permit must be in place. This is authorisation from the counties police departments that the abnormal load can travel from A to B. Nation Assist have long standing relationships with the county police departments and highways agencies that allows us submit and retain permits for travel within all of the UK’s counties. The permit will feature a full step-by-step route from A to B and can include via points of the hauliers choice.

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